We Can Fly! is a studio specialized in producing complete solutions in  Communications and Design.
We thrive to develop, produce and implement personalized projects through communication strategic planning and creativity.

Our experience includes:

Visual Communication: customized publications, brand creation, and identity planning,
internal communication and signalization projects.

Culture: exhibition production & development and instructor and educators team management.

Social Media: Management, strategic planning, content, design, interaction with followers, campaigns and results.

We give wings to projects in Brasil and abroad  for clients such as SESC, POIESIS, Acervo Artístico-Cultural do Palácio do Governo, Editora de Cultura, FUSESP – Fundo de Solidariedade do Estado de São Paulo, Afonso França Engenharia, Maestro Frotas, Associação Brasileira de Distrofia Muscular among others.

At We Can Fly! your project will get a full dedication.
Fly with us!


Marcia G. Cohen

Director and Partner

A graphic designer with a bachelor in Industrial Design and a minor in Visual Communication at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) and a master's degree in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management at Columbia College (Chicago).  Marcia participated in the Exhibition Design team at the Natural History Museum – The Fields Museum - in Chicago and managed exhibition and art events for the Americas Society in New York. She is the author of “Como te leio? Como-te livro!”, a book chosen for the “Special Topics in Creative Processes” graduation course at the Art Institute of Universidade de Campinas.


Eliana Grossmann

Director and Partner

A bachelor in Social Communication with a master's degree in Media Communication.  Eliana brings almost 20 years of experience in corporate communication, advertisement and media with focus in integrated marketing communication and strategic management. Additionally, Eliana taught marketing  classes at the Universidade Anhembi-Morumbi

Magnet - INMED Partnerships for Children

illustration, promotional, educational

BMI Campaign - Crescer Saudável

id.visual, illustration, designdigital

Social Media - INMED Partnerships

web, digital

Cia Noz de Teatro | Sesc Belenzinho

id.visual, illustration, cultureeducational

Christmas | Rede Globo

promotional, designculturedigital

Health in Action - INMED Partnerships 

promotional, designuniform

Rios de São Paulo | Rede Globo

id.visual, expography, culture

Cia. Empreendedora

id.visual, designnaming

Crescer Saudável - INMED

promotional, designdigital

Changing rooms | Sesc Santana

id.visual, sign, expography, culture

Identity - Crescer Saudável

id.visual, illustration, design

Assinatura de Estilo

id.visual, design

Espaço de Leitura 

expography, cultureproduction

Annual Report - Crescer Saudável

id.visual, illustration, design

Tiro Esportivo | Sesc Bertioga

id.visual, sign, expography, designculture

FUSSESP - Fundo de Solidariedade do Estado de SP

id.visual, sign, design

Coat of Arms - workshop
Curumim - Sesc Campinas


Tomara que não caia!
| SESC Campinas

promotional, design

Instituto de Pesquisa CK


POIEIS | Espaço de leitura 


Never Forget

| Ed. de Cultrua e ArquiShoah

editorial, design

Um Por Todos!  Todos por um!
| Curumim Sesc Campinas

illustration, editorial, designcultureeducational

Terra a vista | Cine SESC

expography, designculture

Acervo Artístico-Cultural dos Palácios do Governo

id.visual, illustration, editorial, designculture

Zaka Sports Marketing

id.visual, design

Poema Cenário | Ed. de Cultura

illustration, editorial, design

Afonso França Engenharia

id.visual, editorial, designdigital

 O rei que queria a lua
| Ed de Cultura

illustration, editorial, design

As mentiras da baratinha
| Ed. de Cultura

illustration, editorial, design

Admirável Entretenimento 

editorial, promotional, design

Super Pedido – Tec Med

id.visual, design

Brincar de flor | Ed. de Cultura

illustration, editorial, design

Museu Judaico de São Paulo


Blue Grass Design

promotional, design

Genii Artist Strategy | EUA

id.visual, design

Editora Cultura e Gráfica Quebecor

editorial, designcultureproduction, educational

Colar de Maravilhas
Ed. de Cultura

illustration, editorial, design

Transforming Tradition: Pottery from Mata Ortiz.

expography, designculture

Editora de Cultura | A Menina e os caminhos

illustration, editorial, design

Pompeii, Stories from an Eruption

promotional, design

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